Wednesday, November 11, 2009

#14 Facebook

Facebook hs always scared me. I am an addict by nature and I know that if I allowed myself the luxury of starting I would find it difficult to get on with the rest of my life! I have however opened an account now and have my own page. I am concerned now about the privacy issue. I was very interested in the article in the readings about how to make your site more secure. This has relieved me no end and I am busy trying to share this wondeful information with all the young people I know who put way too much on their Facebook page. I am now more comfortable with the security side of things but am still not sure I have the time to become more familiar with what I know will become an addiction. I do not see its value for my workplace as primary kids are too young to sign up legally. I am keen to share the cybersafety message with them now though.

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