Friday, September 18, 2009

#7 Google Books

I love this application. There is so much room to explore. The ability to read a review , find a store or library holding the book and seeing other related texts on one site is fabulous. I tried to locate many of my own books - old, new, obscure - they were all there. This would be a good site for students to find similar books to one they enjoyed or other books written by the author. It is great to be able to add their own review as well as reading the reviews of others.
Is google the new microsoft? We probably need to give it the test of time. I don't think it is as original as microsoft was but it certainly has been able to adapt, refine and provide a service at a very reasonable cost.

# 6 Google Maps

This is a great site. I thoroughly enjoy this application. This is a very useful site for locating places.
I can see my students using this in lessons on topography as well as direction, scale etc. The satellite view is very useful. It is a wonderful tool for gaining a local knowledge of a place without being there. I prefer directions that include landmarks rather than "take the 32nd street on the left." Google Maps allows you to see the territory you may be travelling to. Buying Real Estate would be a time when Google maps would be handy. You can not only see the property you are interested in but you can also get a feel for the "look of the neighbourhood".

For directions that are easy to follow and printable I love I think I will be combining the positives of both.

#5 Google Docs

I am not at all savvy with google docs and I tried using a template to create a staff survey and found the time taken to do it was very quick and I enjoyed seeing the final result. I am still trying to work out how to send it on!!! These instructions were not too clear for the likes of me.
I tried my hand at business cards and invoices and am pleased with the results. It is amazing how the hours just fly by as I look at all the applications possible.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

#4 What is this web 20 business?

Education 2.0 is a very interesting article on the possible impact of the internet as a degree granting education institution. The scenario is reminiscent of Toffler's Future Shock or Orwell's 1984. I think the freedom proposed has are a lot of positive's for university students. I feel though that bricks and mortar institution offers students a lot more than the academic content. There is the student networking that goes on, the fellowship etc. University towns have a conglomerate effect where scholars and professors tend to cluster; low cost student housing clusters; student traval agents, banks, eateries cluster etc. Without the institutions many students may become isolated and find tertiary study too difficult to pursue.
Primary schools seem to be far removed from this scenario on the surface. We primary teachers would argue that there is so much more to learning than the academic content. The development of the whole child is nurtured in primary education . Social interaction is essential if children are going to be socially competent in their world - or is this necessary in the world in which they are going to be living in??

#3 Let us know

I have registered my blog now and await confirmation. I am amazed at how bad Friday afternoon is for learning new things - particularly IT learning. I am looking forward to spending hours on end at home to perfect this.

#2 create a blog

At long last I have started my first blog. I am hoping to blog daily to maintain regularity and familiarity.