Thursday, September 3, 2009

#4 What is this web 20 business?

Education 2.0 is a very interesting article on the possible impact of the internet as a degree granting education institution. The scenario is reminiscent of Toffler's Future Shock or Orwell's 1984. I think the freedom proposed has are a lot of positive's for university students. I feel though that bricks and mortar institution offers students a lot more than the academic content. There is the student networking that goes on, the fellowship etc. University towns have a conglomerate effect where scholars and professors tend to cluster; low cost student housing clusters; student traval agents, banks, eateries cluster etc. Without the institutions many students may become isolated and find tertiary study too difficult to pursue.
Primary schools seem to be far removed from this scenario on the surface. We primary teachers would argue that there is so much more to learning than the academic content. The development of the whole child is nurtured in primary education . Social interaction is essential if children are going to be socially competent in their world - or is this necessary in the world in which they are going to be living in??

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  1. Welcome! Great perspective there at the end - it's hard to know what to prepare today's students for. Good luck with the rest of the program! Fiona