Saturday, October 31, 2009

#9 Virtual worlds

This is not for me. I am having enough trouble doing the things I need to do in this world without using up precious time in virtual worls.
I do appreciate looking at the possibilities though as many of our students and family members may make use of these sites/worlds/games. Just like common soapies that the children watch on TV. I dont enjoy them myself but watch them from time to time to understand what the kids are viewing and if necessary to engage them in conversationa about themes arising. I will use the virtual world info in the same manner I think.

#8 igoogle

I loved creating a webpage. i will need a lot of time to refine and make it more user friendly though. The itools were lots of fun. I especially like the organiser.
As for working at Google...forget it. There is no way I could keep my weight at a reasonable level with so much physical innactivity and temptation.